Fancy a day trip? Let art inspire you

The Sunday Telegraph, June 2020

Lucy Davies picks ten works of art that capture the beauty and drama of the British countryside. (Excerpt featuring Hannah Woodman)

Being almost entirely housebound will have left you hankering - no, giddy - for the prospect of a change of scenery. For much of lockdown I resisted even thinking about vaults of glassy sky, or milk-dense mist in a damp field, or the salty, bright new world suggested by an empty beach, in case the sheer longing for them unhinged me. It's all still there of course, no doubt lovelier than ever thanks to the dearth of day trippers, and now that those day trips - if not the overnight stays - are back on the menu, what better way to re-immerse yourself in "Before" than a slosh around the countryside? In case avoiding thoughts of all things green and pleasant has left you a touch rabbit-in-headlights concerning where to go, here is some artistic inspiration to ease the load…

Hannah Woodman

With titles such as Blowy Spring Day, Penwith, and High Hedges, Cornish Winter, it is perhaps easy to see why Woodman's expressive paintings are snapped up by collectors as fast as she can make them. The images are little like those we usually see of this corner of England: all ragged grass, flooded plough furrows and turbulent weather. "It's the drama and expanse of the place," she explains. "When you stand and watch a weather front approaching over the seas, and see how the light changes the colours and mood so rapidly, it is a thrilling engagement with your surroundings."

The Sunday Telegraph, June 2020