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Hannah Woodman's complete body of work is showcased here, in a series of curated collections, from 2002 to date. Please contact if you have a purchase enquiry.

A collection of sketchbook studies which I hope offer a glimpse into my working process…

New works on paper exploring a more abstracted approach alongside oil paintings of Devon and Cornwall

New paintings including a works on paper collection with a growing emphasis on abstraction.

A growing collection of newly inspired settings from the South West

Visit the latest selection of work emerging from my new studio, with new pieces being added all the time…

A collection of paintings inspired by a newly-deserted environment that prompted the familiar to become curious again…

Graphite drawings and smaller mixed media works in an experimental collection.

A collection of works reflecting the extremes of weather throughout 2018.

These works explore the traditions of Romanticism and the Sublime in landscape and seascape painting, with an emphasis on the dramatic moods created by Cornwall’s different microclimates and isolated locations.

Including works for the exhibition 'Cornwall: Coast & County', with Panter & Hall, London. Paintings and drawings that explore the diversity of the Cornish countryside, from the turquoise seas to the rolling fields.

Snow scenes, seascapes and landscapes, brought together for another sell-out solo exhibition: ‘Cornish Paintings’, with JHW Fine Art, Cork St, London.

An emphasis on the changing seasons, hidden pathways and remote cottages of rural Cornwall and Devon.

A group of landscapes and seascapes in rich warm tones, taking the viewer through the seasons, and exhibited in a sell-out solo exhibition with JHW Fine Art, Cork St, London.


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