Summer 2021

June 4, 2021

This year so far has been all about the studio…exiting an old one and building a new one. Following my relocation from Cornwall, I’m continuing to use my beautiful waterside studio in Falmouth for viewings and exhibitions, while establishing a new space in Devon. As ever, it’s been a slightly painful process waiting to paint, but I now have a lovely new garden studio that I hope is big enough not only to create work in, but also to run workshops and hold small exhibitions….

Perfection won’t last long of course, but here’s a shot for posterity…..


In other exciting news I’m delighted to say I’ll be back in Cornwall exhibiting in the lovely gallery at my studio complex Grays Wharf this Summer, from August 26 - September 5. This is an opportunity to show my new 2021 collection as well as work from my 2020 London solo exhibition that sadly went under the radar due to lockdown. Please keep an eye out for further details and opening times by signing up to my mailing list here

In the meantime here’s wishing you all a very happy summer and I hope to see you at one of my future exhibitions very soon.


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