Spring 2022

March 31, 2022

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Sometimes it feels a little surface to be talking all things art given what’s going on in the world. Having said that, creativity and escape are probably as pertinent now as ever and I never underestimate the power of art to both express and engender change. This was brought home to me after a recent visit to Madrid’s amazing galleries, in particular the Reina Sofia Museum which houses a staggeringly expansive collection of international modern and contemporary work. Among the displays I saw protest and political commentary pieces from across the globe, reflecting how little changes in a century in terms of the human capacity for torment and brutality. It surprised me, more than 30 years after my first visit when I found the older collections to be a stale comparison to what I considered the more exciting offerings of the contemporary world, just how moved I felt by the simple act of observing paintings. To this day, one of my greatest pleasures is immersing myself in another world that someone has laid to canvas and admiring all the component parts that make up that imaginary place. It’s often easy to forget that there’s an end game in the painting process, that a piece needs to be resolved and abandoned to the thoughts of others, as the actual act of creating is so immersive it’s almost a selfish one. Leaving the studio and heading out to see the work of others in the world was a strong reminder that art can serve a multitude of purposes, with joy and escapism being loud among them.

So with that in mind, after what feels like a never ending winter (it’s snowing in parts of the UK as I write!) April and May are set to be a flurry of activity. With one prestigious group exhibition in March with the Royal Society of British Artists under my belt, I’m delighted to be part of another this April, joining the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours for their 210th Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries. Not long afterwards, I’ll be showing a selection of dynamic seascapes with Panter and Hall Gallery at the London Art Fair 2022, which always promises to be a lively event if you happen to be nearby.

Lastly, I’m hugely excited to be working with the John Davies Gallery, Gloucestershire on a Spring group show involving at least twenty of my pieces, large and small. I very much hope you can make it along to some of these exhibitions - and that the sun shines for you when you do.

Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition 2022 at the Mall Galleries, London
Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition 2022 at the Mall Galleries, London

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