Autumn 2022

October 19, 2022

After relocating to Devon and starting building work that’s taken the best part of the year, 2022 hasn’t been the most productive work wise (it’s hard to paint when your studio has become a furniture store!). However, part of the thinking was to link the studio with my home to provide greater showing/exhibiting possibilities beyond the galleries, so this Autumn I’m focussing on producing lots of new work for just that purpose. I’m also finally working on a new collection of prints and cards in a range of sizes that will hopefully cover all price ranges, please look out for a heads up in my next mail out - or sign up to the mailing list here for notifications.

In the meantime, I’ll be showing at the Battersea Affordable Art Fair with Panter & Hall Gallery this October and tidying up the studio for Christmas visitors….yes I used that word in October!

Art and interiors combining in 2022….
Art and interiors combining in 2022….

Just to add, this year has been fruitful for filling up my sketchbooks so I now have lots of lovely painting ideas for the coming year….it’s all about the planning after all!


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