Clifton Contemporary Art Exhibition October 20th – November 18th 2017

October 2, 2017

Hannah's next exhibition will be at the Clifton Contemporary Gallery in the heart of Clifton Village, Bristol. This is a small collection of work for the pre-Christmas season hanging alongside fellow gallery artist Carl Melegari in an intimate but lively setting. Nestling among the shops and restaurants in leafy Bristol it's the perfect spot for a day trip. For further details please visit 

Light of the Storm, Sennen. 2017. Oil on board. 22 x 30cm
Light of the Storm, Sennen. 2017. Oil on board. 22 x 30cm

Autumn is a fascinating time for watching the changes in light that signal the end of summer and the onset of a new season. Sometimes a heaviness appears in the sky, with leaden clouds and grey days, followed by crisp clear bright sunny mornings shot through with blue and a refreshing chill in the air. A collection of smaller pieces are included in the new show at Clifton Contemporary, characterising some of these changes and charting the range of colours and moods that come with this new season.


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