2007-2008 Collection

Including a series of smaller works produced for the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath exploring the dynamic seascapes and windswept landscapes of the North coast of Cornwall in particular.

Jerichoe Stream from the Garden. Oil on board. 25 x 21cm Sold

Spring Field Flowers, Early May. Oil on board. 43 x 40cm. Sold

Summer Hedgerow, Fields through the Gwithian Valley. Oil on board. 63 x 75cm. Sold

Winter Red, Trevellas Coombe.  Oil on board. 35 x 34cm Sold

March Waves, Gwithian. Oil on board. 35cm x 50cm Sold

Wave Study. Graphite, oil and gesso on paper. Sold

Purple Spring. Oil on board. 26 x 24cm Sold

Gurnard's Head Cottages. Graphite and oil on paper. 38 x 45cm Sold

February Snowfall on a Devon Village. Oil on board. 25 x 35cm. NFS

Headland. Graphite, oil and gesso on paper. Sold

Evening Swell, Godrevy.  Oil on board. 122 x 132cm. Sold

Kathryn's Lane. Graphite on paper. 38 x 29cm Sold

Jerichoe Stream, Autumn. Oil on board. 25 x 21cm. Sold

Rolling Tide. Oil on canvas. 45cm x 45cm. Sold