Standing Alone in Front of the Landscape


"There is something monumentally special about being out in a landscape alone. When I cannot see another single soul and my surroundings stretch far beyond until they drop into the sea, suddenly comprehending my sense of scale in the world becomes exhilarating. Cornwall is a rich corner for these experiences...Walking the paper-thin edge of isolation out here over the years, I’ve inadvertently set myself a lifelong challenge; how do you gather an infinite landscape into the confines of a canvas?  The answer can only be to keep painting..."

- Hannah Woodman |


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Essays & Interviews

A rich resource of information about the artist and her practice, including selected essays written in response to Hannah's work, images from the studio, and in-depth interviews.


The Studio Collection

A small collection of work from Hannah Woodman's studio in Cornwall. This is a special selection of paintings, which will be available to purchase directly for a limited time.



Hannah Woodman's complete body of work is showcased here, in a series of curated collections, from 2002 to date. "Standing alone in front of the landscape is one of my biggest joys", says Hannah, and she hopes to recreate that sense of isolated engagement in each of her paintings.


About Hannah

Hannah Woodman is a contemporary British landscape painter. Based in Cornwall, she works from her studio on the South coast and exhibits regularly across the country. She has had a series of sell-out solo shows, and her work is held in public and private collections worldwide.

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